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Blutdruck bei älteren Menschen
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Research Report

Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 2005;59:558-564 © 2005 BMJ Publishing Group Ltd


Durch Gehen auf einer Kieselsteinmatte verbessern sich physische Funktionen und Blutdruck

bei älteren Menschen:


• Fuzhong Li, PhD**Oregon Research Institute, Eugene, Oregon; and ,

• K. John Fisher, PhD**Oregon Research Institute, Eugene, Oregon; and , and

• Peter Harmer, PhD Department of Exercise Science, Willamette University, Salem, Oregon.

• From the *Oregon Research Institute, Eugene, Oregon; and Department of Exercise Science, Willamette University, Salem, Oregon.


Address correspondence to Fuzhong Li, PhD, Oregon Research Institute, 1715 Franklin Boulevard, Eugene, OR 97403. E-mail: fuzhongl@ori.org




Objectives: To determine the relative effects of cobblestone mat walking, in comparison with regular walking, on physical function and blood pressure in older adults.


Design: Randomized trial with allocation to cobblestone mat walking or conventional walking.


Setting: General community in Eugene, Oregon.


Participants: One hundred eight physically inactive community-dwelling adults aged 60 to 92 (mean age±standard deviation=77.5±5.0) free of neurological and mobility-limiting orthopedic conditions.


Intervention: Participants were randomized to a cobblestone mat walking condition (n=54) or regular walking comparison condition (n=54) and participated in 60-minute group exercise sessions three times per week for 16 consecutive weeks.


Measurements: Primary endpoint measures were balance (functional reach, static standing), physical performance (chair stands, 50-foot walk, Up and Go), and blood pressure (systolic, diastolic). Secondary endpoint measures were Short Form-12 physical and mental health scores and perceptions of health-related benefits from exercise.


Results: At the 16-week posttest, differences between the two exercise groups were found for balance measures (P=.01), chair stands (P<.001), 50-foot walk (P=.01), and blood pressure (P=.01) but not for the Up and Go test (P=.14). Although significant within-group changes were observed in both groups for the secondary outcome measures, there were no differences between intervention groups.


Conclusion: Cobblestone mat walking improved physical function and reduced blood pressure to a greater extent than conventional walking in older adults. Additional benefits of this walking program included improved health-related quality of life. This new physical activity may provide a therapeutic and health-enhancing exercise alternative for older adults.



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